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Costs & Pressure

College planning is complicated and stressful for families.

The cost for your client’s child to attend the best colleges in America today exceeds $270,000 per child over four years (over $400,000 after tax). This huge cost must be paid over 4-8 years, and what your clients spend on college they won’t have for retirement. As college approaches, pressure and uncertainty begin to mount, so parents start looking for direction and answers and a solution – regardless of their income level, assets or advisors.


Position yourself to provide the answers your clients need.

Fortunately for you, only a tiny percentage of the best financial advisors in America have educated themselves on how to advise clients on their best strategy to pay for college and preserve assets and income for retirement. Meanwhile, parents send their children to college regardless of economic conditions. And they keep sending them year-after-year.

Costs have risen, pressure keeps mounting and families keep coming. They need their financial advisor to confidently and strategically provide a solution to paying for college.



Simplify finding the best strategy to pay for college for your clients.

Determining a client’s best strategy to pay for college requires expertise in college admissions, financial aid, tax strategies, financial planning and investment management. Knowing how to bring expertise together in all of these areas and arrive at a client’s best strategy is very complex and requires a rare skill set.

SmartSearch brings together all of this expertise into one easy to use web-based application.

The Solution

Provide your client's with expert college planning advice.

Licensing SmartSearch is like having your own in-house team of college planning experts. You get access to unique software that is centered on a consultative financial planning approach to determine a client’s best strategy to pay for college and preserve assets for retirement. SmartSearch simplifies this complex process and communicates it to the client with actionable steps – instilling confidence that they are making the best use of their resources and aren’t leaving money on the table.

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